Provincial Track Championships 2024 - Team call-up

Happy New Year all you Track Riders,

It is time to think about Provincial Track Championships and getting our teams together for Team Pursuit and Team Sprint. This coming weekend is Nationals (Jan 5-7, 2024) and I didn’t have time to organize any team for the TP, so have decided to get this organized for March 1-3, 2024 Provincial Champs.

My wish is to have enough interest to put together 2 Team Pursuit teams, and possibly 1 Team Sprint team. This is for any interested individuals. Please indicate your interest in this forum and we will work on getting the teams together. If you’re interested this is what will be required of you:

  • A minimum of an Ontario Cycling Competition License with Track racing selected.
  • Track bike (pursuit bars recommended, but optional)
  • gear choices available…to be on similar gears. (Recommended but optional - we may have spares that could be shared).
  • ability to attend 3 or 4 open track sessions at Milton (either Friday evening or Sunday afternoon) in the next 3 months.
  • Willingness to work as a team and have fun!

If we can arrange it, I would love to see at least one team of all women as well. I personally know we have at least 3 strong riders track certified already, if we can get them to commit, I’m certain we could find a fourth for a TP team.

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Enjoyed it very much with you last time @Bopper

I would have to buy an OCA Race Licence + Track option just for this event.

Not sure about availability for training or for the event, yet?

I’ll stay tuned to this channel.


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@Bopper When I first read this I was yes, yes, yes I’m in :slightly_smiling_face:. Then I checked my calendar and realized I will be in Florida the week of March 3rd :frowning_face: Is there another championship later in the year?

I’ve secured a bike but now have to work on booking this weekend off work. Hoping to be able to race!


That sucks Russell, no there is not another championship until next year. If you can find a team, there would be an opportunity to race at The Eastern Challenge (I’m officiating and can’t race that one), but those are the only events that would have Team Pursuit…National, Provincial Championship and the eastern or western challenges.

@Emily_driedger that is awesome! I hope you can get the weekend off!

Thanks for the @! Some of the most interesting cycling experiences I’ve had – including trying the track for the first time – came not from my own impetus, but because someone suggested it (@TommyB), and I said: “why not!”

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to decline this year. I’ve never done anything like this (I had to look up “team pursuit” to remind myself how it worked) and I’m just coming off a week of COVID, so expect to spend January just getting myself back to where I was at the end of December, fitness wise. I don’t think that leaves enough time to get ready and up to speed for this.

Thanks Tony. I hope you’re getting better after your bout of COVID. I think you would have plenty of time…and as a team would definitely work together with you…see what you feel like by the beginning of Feb. then decide.

Still lots of room for teammates, so anyone interested please let us know. Track Nationals this past weekend was a great experience and amazing to watch the elite riders absolutely crushing each other.

Let’s get at least one team of each gender out there representing!! You won’t regret it.



Okay folks, time to get serious. I am going to start going to the Open track sessions to work on my IP position and gearing. I am booking this week’s Sunday 3:00pm Open session…if any potential team members are interested, please book in and we can do some TP practice as well.

Pursuit bars are optional, but if you can get some then this is the time to put them on and practice riding with them. I will be running a 96" gear (50-14) if you have the option. Starting this week I hope to ride once a week at an open session…either Friday night or Sunday afternoon. I will post in the forum when I’m going so we can start practicing and have a good showing at Provincials in March…6 weeks from today!!


I don’t actually ride the track myself, however both of my boys used to race track and have pursuit bars (bullhorn bars with profile design aerobars) that they won’t be using for the next month or more.
I’d be happy to loan them out if anyone needs them.

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That is awesome Kevin. Thank you very much. I hope we can get a couple more folks to join our team…and they may need bars. I have my own set and I think Alain has his own…so whoever joins us might need them. We will keep you in mind
Much appreciated!


Hi @Bopper ,

Can you give an update on which WCC members are taking part in the Track Provincials this week/weekend and what events they are in? Asking for myself and any other club members that are making plans to come cheer - thanks!

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Nothing is planned that I know of. I would not be surprised to see Tom B riding in the sprint tourney and Kieren. As well, I would think Emily D will be going out to prove herself in any and all events. :wink:

There has been no plans for a Team Pursuit …as I’m leaving for vacation next week and can’t risk getting hurt before. Wife would murder me if that happened. :rofl:

Please any one go and watch some exciting racing…see the up-and-coming JR talent before the become famous…believe me there are some very impressive young, talented riders in the province. Also some seriously fast master’s racers. Go out and get some track excitement in your blood.


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Hey @KGale

I believe @Emily_driedger is planning on racing the Points race on Sunday afternoon.
I will be racing the Match Sprint on Friday morning/afternoon and the Keirin on Sunday morning.

I am not aware of anybody racing in the bunch races on Saturday.
The Tech Guide with schedule is here:

And, some point today (?) or tomorrow, the registration list will be posted and live timing of events can be found here:



Yes I am racing the points race on Sunday :blush: