KWCA support

I’d like to thank WCC for their continued support of KW Cycling Academy this season. I have 2 boys that are both heavily involved in road and track racing with KWCA and the help has been appreciated.

My 13 yr old will be joining WCC this spring too, so he can participate in some of the Tuesday training rides so if you haven’t met Jake yet, he will be out soon.


I’d like to second that comment.

Both of my boys ride and race in MTB, track, road, and CX. WCC’s sponsorship helps to reduce some of costs and is greatly appreciated.

Lucas will be 16 this year and will be competing at MTB and track provincial and national races in Ontario and Quebec. Sagan is a few years behind and is following in Lucas’ pedals.

It looks like KWCA will have a decent group racing P2A so we’ll be sure to say hi on the course. Thanks again for the support!