Dusty Nostril Tire Choice

Hi all!

Curious to know what the course conditions are like for the upcoming Dusty Nostril race as I won’t have a chance to ride any of it. I read on the forum that last year (2022) there was some fresh gravel that made narrow tires more difficult. How would it be this year running 28mm road tires? They are tubeless so I can run them at a nice low pressure. I would appreciate any advice.


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I would wait until closer too to figure out conditions. The beauty of gravel is it is always changing.

28s are usually fine for the rail trail and are either perfect or just uncomfortable on gravel roads depending on when they were resurfaced. I’d more concerned about how puncture proof the tire is. If you only have 28s then I’d just make them work, I’ve ridden plenty of gravel on 23s but always done it with the ability to avoid if it is too soft.

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