P2A tire choice

I’m obsessing over this. Last year I rode 33 Vitoria Torenno Drys. This year I have the 35s. I feel those are maybe too wide but I like how they feel on gravel. Thoughts from the pros. It’d all I can think about right now.

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35s will give you a smooth ride without being slow. I’ve only ever ridden it on 33mm file treads. Have fun!


I’d agree the 35s will be more comfortable over the technical sections, which is significant. If the difference means you ride those sections more confidently, the slight addition in rolling resistance on the road probably doesn’t matter too much. If you feel confident at full-speed on the singletrack with 33s, then maybe those make more sense.

Last year I rode knobby 40s (Raddlers) and this year I’ll have fast 35s (Terra Speed). I’m assuming I’ll be faster on the road, but I‘ll need to be much more careful (though not too careful;) through gnarly sections and probably won’t full send into some of the chundery stuff like I would on bigger tires. It’s a trade off and part of the fun is finding the control/speed balance that is right for you.

Jamie W was right at the front of the 70 last year on a full-sus mountain bike with 2” tires, so run what you brung always applies too!


Love the comments so far. Tubeless or tubes. I know tubeless is what people will say but after seeing Paris Roubaix this year……

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They are comparing tubeless to tubular for safety. Tubular would still have a bit of grip while going flat because the rubber is glued to the rim. Tubes go flat just as fast as tubeless and get flats easier. Tubeless for us non pros is far better than running tubes.


@adam.wilson If you have tubeless then its a no brainer, but don’t set them up the night before.

I’d argue the sectors at p2a are the least important thing in tire choice, if it is muddy (aside from the end) they will cut the sectors short. Tire width is probably less important then tire type and pressure for comfort and speed.


I’ll be running tubeless 40s (Terra Speed). Just need to dial in the optimal pressure for speed on the road while maintaining comfort & traction on the gravel/mud.

Hopefully not too much tire, but with it being my first P2A I think the added confidence will be worthwhile.


I rode P2A for years on ~33 mm tires and figures they we all you needed.

Last year, my new gravel bike had it’s OEM 40 mm tires on it. I worried that it would be too much tire for the easy gravel and road sections, but then during the race, it felt fine to me. Actualy it felt really good. On the road it didn’t feel like i was giving up anything, but in the sectors it was comfortable and fast.
Especially given that the first 30 km of the long course is functionally a road race on gravel, and I kept up with a really fast group for a long time.

I suppose if you get into the nitty gritty of it all, for rolling resistance, wider is ALWAYS better. The tradeoff is that aerodynamics get worse as the tires get wider. But if you’re in a pack for the first 30 km before any sectors break it up, then the penalty is a lot less.

Long story short, I’m happy to be riding the same tire as last year, 40 mm Schwalbe G-One R, on 32 mm (external width) wheels.


I’ll be running 40mm challenge getaway. Bicyclerollingresistance.com has them as basically equal to the 35mm terra speeds and I wanted the extra confidence and smoothness that a 40 brings.


I love the response from everyone. What a great community. Sticking with my 35 Vittoria Torreno Dry for now!


It’s gonna be wet! Now the doubt sets in.
I’ve got a pair of terra speeds at 35 and a set of of vittoria torenno drys. Pretty slick in the middle. Who’s gonna be running terra speeds? What shall I do?!?!?!

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Stick with the dry’s, they won’t pack up with mud as bad in the mud slides and honestly, the sectors where it might be slick will be packed with people and slower, so as long as your CX/mtb/bike handling skills are higher than the people in your way, you’ll be fine =). Wet gravel/wet pavement will be fine.


Raining is apparently changing the distances, current distances are as follows;

108.9km with 874m climbing
65.5km with 495m climbing
42.9km with 353m climbing

Subject to further changes!


I’ve got fresh Terra Speed 40s, fwiw.
I forgot they cut out the wettest bits, so I suspect overkill - g one 40s felt pretty right on last year.
All this to say I’m sure I’ll think about it until Sun and then it’ll be fine?

The quintessential Classic lead up P2A conversation @adam.wilson Thanks for igniting the perennial fire once again. Next…PSI.

For the record…43 back…40 front.

I was just saying to the 100km wave 2 crew today that for years I ran 32mm Vittoria XN PRO file treds at P2A at 60psi.

Even managed to make it the full way down the mud chute with Morten Schmidt a decade ago (when it was 4ft wide and 2ft deep) before they widened it.


But of course…you know what happens when your run 32s in the mud! :sob:

I put 40mm tubeless G-Ones on the Aspero at 40 psi.

But, after that blistering Gravel TT last week after Mike at McPhails put 35mm GK SS’s on Zipps. I’m sticking with that 35 set up.

This is the cleanest you’ll ever see this bike.


Congrats to everyone who got out there today. Were your tire choices correct? I slid out in one mud shoot, but I don’t think a different set up would have made a difference.

Challenge getaways 700x40 psi 35f 38r


Mine were surprisingly capable in the mud, and extremely fast on the road - you made a great recommendation! Could have used a bit more tire clearance during that farm section, but don’t think I would have ridden it successfully either way :melting_face:

Terra Speed, 700x40, 40f 45r

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I stuck with the Vitoria Torenno Dry in 35 mm. Managed to stay upright for most of the ride. Felt good in the mud (stayed on the bike in the chute) and were quite fast on the road. Happy with the choice in the end.

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I ran Terra Speed 700x40 39f 41r

It was my first real ride on them and they didn’t disappoint. Fast on the road and capable in the mud. Still had to run field section but did anyone ride that I wonder?


I didn’t see anyone make it through! That was a lot of fun though.

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