G2G Trail Tire Recommendations

Hello, I am brand new to this forum so I apologize if this topic has already been discussed. I am wanting to try out the Guelph to Goderich trail but am limited to what I can put on my Giant Defy, I have GP5000 700 x 28mm Tubeless on it currently but don’t know if that would be sufficient, I have never been on this trail so don’t really know what to expect. A friend had some Specialized Roubaix Pro 30/32mm and they were just a tad too big causing rub on the top of my forks so I may be able to get something of a 30mm size in there. Anyway as you can see I don’t have a gravel specific setup but would like to try out some trails. Any input would be great, thanks.

Hi. I personally find the G2G to be smoother than many of our roads. You should have no problem with 28c. I ride 32c GP5000s and it is no problem at all


Welcome! I have what I call a ‘not a gravel bike’ – and old Cannondale road bike fitted with 28mm Panaracer GravelKing SS tires, which is about the biggest tire I can get on it. I’ve ridden the local sections of that trail (Middlebrook > Millbank) and, as long as it’s not really, really wet (early spring mud), the bike was very happy. It’s a pretty nice trail in this section – flat with crushed limestone. Not too challenging at all.

I have not ridden the entire G2G trail, so I have no idea if this stretch is representative or not. My experience riding my set up is it’s fine on relatively firm surfaces like the crushed limestone or well-trafficed dirt roads. Where it falls down is in the really loose stuff – a just re-gravelled road, for example, has the bike dancing around quite a bit. The mud of early spring was do-able, but the 28 mm want to dig in rather than float along the top, so it was slow going.

But, for the stretch across the top of Waterloo, the G2G isn’t too challenging in my experience. If it does get looser/more challenging beyond that … well, I’ve found 28 mm tires aren’t as happy when the going gets loose and more technical.


Thank you so much, now if it would only stop raining :grinning:

Thank you Tony!

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Agree that the G2G is comparable or better than local roads.
It is super smooth for the majority. If you can run a low pressure in the 28mm that should help with smoothing out the ride. Of course any larger tire will give you a nicer ride for the long distance. If you just do the sections near Elmira, you’ll be fine on 28mm.

Like any riding watch where you are riding and adjust your speed to the gravel conditions and you’ll be fine. The worst parts may be the detours where you go on gravel roads, but that is only a few 100 meters.

With all the work they have done on the trail it is good for almost any type of bike.


Thank you Dan.

Are you planning on riding the whole way to Goderich? There are a couple of sections where you’ll have to have to be a bit careful, slow a little and pick the best line but for the vast majority it’s beautifully hard packed and fast. A 28 with some puncture protection would work fine. (Panaracer is a good choice for sure)


you will be fine, we did Milverton to Goderich 3 weeks ago. Trail is great - hard packed stone dust all the way. there are some hilly gravel road sections from where the trail ends at a river crossing (no briidge) that will be trickier than the trail assuming you are going all the way into Goderich. Also, if you decide you don’t like the trail there are flat paved roads a couple Concessions south that are a fine alternative.


Yes i was, hopefully this week some time. Thanks so much.

How do you get across at the river crossing if there is no bridge?

the route on their website g2grailtrail.com has detours where there are no bridges…in one place you can often walk across knee deep water (when the water level is low and you like hiking your bike). So either have the route handy on your phone or make a note of the detours before you leave.
I also saw a post on their Facebook page that they have put up signs for the detours, but it’s always good to be prepared.

Thanks, I’ve uploaded their map into my Garmin so I should be good to go!