CX Practices

I was taking a look at the landscaping plans for Silver Lake in Waterloo Park, and I think we might have a candidate for a new CX practice venue; it comes close to almost everything you need!

  • [x] sand
  • [x] off-camber grass features
  • [x] stairs
  • [ ] bridge
  • [x] beer (maybe not in the park itself, but Ethel’s is pretty close)

Yes I’m joking, but it’s fun to dream of playing on bikes in the park


Waterloo Park used to have a velodrome!


10,000 spectators! If we could get just 1% of that at KWCX, we’d be golden!


At Silver Lake you’d have another important element too. The heckeler(s). All the families and university students wouldn’t hold back…not to mention the Cobra Chickens errr geese.

I do look forward to practice this summer. I do have something new in mind that will be fun even with social distancing and group size restrictions.

Somehow I expect the heckling might not be as good-natured as it’s supposed to be!

I’ve seen that clipping before… and since then I occasionally daydream, while riding my bike, of recreating this track and holding a summer evening race series of varying age/category levels…have a few ice cream trucks and families sitting on the surrounding grass hills watching the races.

Then I realize it’s not hockey and won’t get enough support or interest. :neutral_face:

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What if we give the riders sticks and allow body checking??

Then you’re playing bike polo.

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Hey, you might be joking but Waterloo Park used to have an outdoor velodrome/track, so we can dream!