Cramming for P2A?

Just learning there will not be an official club gravel ride tomorrow.

There are quite a few of us riding P2A next week and some gravel cramming might be needed (I need it!).

Any interest in an unofficial gravel ride tomorrow? 9am…StJ market?
Temps look nice at +1 to +5C and 10km/h WSW winds.
We could even do the same route to Ana Mae’s as last week (I’m looking at the shorter 62km route) and same pace (we averaged about 23km/h).

Floating this to guage interest!

Kevin raced Ocup 1 today and is doing Hell of The North on Sunday. So Saturday is his one rest day. Usually he and I show up to kick-start the Saturday ride and manage the splits.

However, there were lots of individual gravel rides today doing P2A prep. As you suggest, people are getting anxious. I went for quick 90km with Drew today and can report that the gravel is bone dry. Well…not so quick…the wind was brutal at a constant 53kph with gusts up to 80kph. It took us almost 5 hours to do 90km. Shudda stayed home.

As for tomorrow, some of us are volunteering to help set up the P2A course. The 70 and 100 are new and there are alot of new land use rights of way.

And then, we are doing a a 90km P2A recon on Sunday.

Looks like you will be the group LEADER tomorrow (Saturday).



What Alain said.
Planning an unofficial ride Sunday starting 10 am from the Cambridge/Paris trail head on 24. Ride down to Glenn Morris then follow the P2A preride route down to Harrisburg and then loop back along through Brantford and Paris to finish up. 95km total. Let me know if interested.


I’m interested @DrewMolnar do you have a route?

Yep. I post a little later this afternoon

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Here’s the route for tomorrow.

10 am at the Parking lot beside the petrocan on #24 in South Cambridge.
Should be a good day
Let me know if you plan to join!


Not sure how to prep for this forecast? :grimacing:

I’m in for this ride


I’m not prepared to trust a weather forecast yet, but those more experienced can recomend a good set of clothing options closer to the race.

If your not sure how you will fair though I highly recommend a best or wind she’ll that you can pack so that if you crack you have something to put on if you are rolling slow and not generating hear near the end.


Another lightweight and effective hedge against temperature is a neck warmer or gaiter. Very small and light in back pocket. On the neck it definitely warms you up and in more extremes such as a cold wind you can pull it up under your helmet.


Vests are nice (and pricey)…
My go-to for the last 15-20 (?) years is my trusty FedEx (or US Post) tyvek envelope. Cut one up and you get two chest sized pieces. Crumple it up so it gets soft and supple and you barely notice it stuffed under your top layer jersey. Blocks wind and doesn’t absorb water (like the newspaper or pages from the old Velonews issues I used for the 10-15 years prior!!)
It also folds into nothing to stuff into a jersey pocket.

I second the neck warmer tube. Bought one a couple years ago and it is one of those things I wish I had bought sooner!

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Quick summary of Sundays P2A recon ride. (I know I messed up and wrote Saturday gravel, old habit)