Carbon Repair/Diagnostic

Crash on Friday yielded a new blemish that doesn’t look to be cosmetic. Anyone have experience or recommendations on where to go?

I can only imagine this is from a chainring.
On second thought looks about the size off a disc brake.

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I had a cracked top tube replaced by these folks: it was 500$ and has a lifetime warranty on the repair. The shop was located north of Thamesford, so a bit closer than London. It was just a basic black finish, I didn’t enquire about matching paint or anything like that but it looks decent to me. Turnaround was pretty quick, maybe a bit longer than a week.

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Sorry to hear about that. I cracked my Trek Boone and had my frame repaired by Anthony Silvestri from Carbon Works in Toronto. They offered a basic repair for a lesser price, but also do paint matching. Sure cracked carbon is great as well, looked at both of them at the time.

I’ve heard really mixed reviews of the guy in Oakville that David has used, some good but some horror stories.

The guy in London comes highly recommend by many and yes sadly you need some carbon repair.