Bike frame issue

Bad news:
my Trek Emonda SL6 got a crack in the drive side seat stay.

Good news:
TREK is doing a frame warranty exchange, Ziggy’s will be swapping parts from my 2020 Frame to a new Emonda SL6 2023 frame.
Just parts and labour to make it all work.

Bad news:
New frame will be a couple of weeks before it arrives. That leaves me with my old Argon 18 Triathlon bike (1998/99)? or my son’s MTB.

Picture of damage to seat stay:


Is it rideable until the new frame comes in?

The advice was not to ride it, but ultimately up to me I suppose. Still I will err on the side of caution.

It’s getting colder and I can do zwift indoor or ride the mountain bike. Maybe I’ll go on a gravel ride for a change.

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