Canada Day gravel 156 km, Saturday July 1st - route coming

Heads up, with Canada day coming up soon, it’s time for our usual Canada Day gravel ride. This year it’s Canada’s 156th birthday, so that means a 156 km route.

Right now, the weather forecast for Saturday looks reasonable, and currently a south wind is forecast.

If we do have a south wind, we could do something like one of these previous routes:

If the wind shifts, maybe up to Belwood and even the edge of Luther Marsh like we did a few years ago:

I’ll get something posted hopefully by Thursday to confirm the day and route. It will be a new route, but might share some details with the ones above.


Ok, my Sunday got booked up, so definitely gonna ride Saturday, that is the proper day anyways. Weather looks alright; typical summer day where there’s a chance of thundershowers late in the afternoon.

Wind is light starting SW and switching to W as the day progresses. Maybe head towards Stratford and even St Mary’s?? I’ll see what inspiration takes hold, hoping to build a route tonight.