5th anniversary of Canada Day Gravel rides coming up

I’ve posted the ride notice for Canada Day. I’m watching the weather (mostly wind) to see where we go. Current forecast is calling for W to SW wind, so we’ll see. Maybe Woodstock could be an interesting option.


I’m amazed to see it’s been 5 years since we started doing this:

2017, the Founder’s Edition, 150 km. Here we are at Woolwich Reservoir Dam. We headed mostly north and east, including Bellwood lake, Fergus, and Alma.

2018, The Lessons Learned Edition. It was blazing hot that day, we started by riding through the hydrocut, then we had a mix up while waiting for the Wilmot Rec Centre splash pad to open. I think @CANGERMANN was the only one to do the full route. Now I tend to keep the “trail” sectors short, so we keep our average speed from plummeting.

2019, Southbound and Mosquito Alley. That year we got to head south and explore some gravel and trails south of the 403. And we discovered what I lovingly call “mosquito alley”. Township road 2 west of Princeton pretty much turns into an ATV track, with wet marshy ground on either side. Not a good place to drop a chain and have it caught in your chain catcher, some of us discovered…

2020, 153 km, heading north again, including a creek crossing, and we got all the way to Grand Valley, Arthur, and the edge of Luther Marsh.

2021, the Social Distancing Edition. We also managed quite a few No Winter Maintenance roads up around Alma.

Who’s in for 155 km this Friday!


Nice recap of the years. This kind of thing has been going on a good while in the club. I remember showing up to a Canada Day gravel ride @bill organized back in 2015. I showed up not knowing the plan, which was of course to bike as many km as the country is old. I had one water bottle and no snacks. Thankfully Bill and Doug agreed to stop in Conestogo Lake Conservation Area and we hit up a food truck for some fries and other snacks. It was a great ride and I look forward to this years edition.