Canada Day 157 km ride (Saturday the 29th maybe, watching weather)

Quick heads up: we’re watching the forecast to put on our regular Canada Day gravel, where we do the same number of kilometers as Canada’s age.

Our preference is for Saturday the 29th, but the forecast right now doesn’t look great for that day.

Stay tuned… Sunday or Monday are the backup dates.


Monday has a rare north wind predicted, so it might be a good time to break out the Randonneurs Gravel Grinder route:


Yeah, we should totally do that route. Like, 60 54 years from now!


Well, Canada wasn’t metric until after 1970, so if we do those first ~100 years as miles and then the last 57 years as kilometers it works out to right around 157 relevant distance units.


Leaning towards doing this on Sunday the 30th. Winds is either West or WNW. That stets up to maybe do something similar to last year, but I’ll keep it to 157 km. The concession there is to start at the Wilmot Rec Centre. That gives a bit more distance for exploring, and cuts out about 30 km of pavement from LHSS to the Rec Centre.

I think most of us really liked the winding gravel road leading along the river into St Mary’s, so definitely want to do that again. (137 road)

Then that keeps Monday open for @Arlambert 's idea of the Gravel Grinder route.

I didn’t get a shot along 137, but here’s one of the group last year:


One of the great mysteries of the universe how I ended up on the front of the peleton.


You don’t happen to be an engineer, do you, Andrew? :wink: