BT700 Grand Depart, Sunday June 18th

The BT700 Grand Depart is Sunday June 18th, at 8:00 AM in St Jacobs (near Eco Cafe).

As we’ve done in previous year, the plan is for a group of us to join in and lead out the BT700’ers, probably all the way to Listowel, then come back. We’ll very likely have lunch in Listowel.

Pace will be in the intermediate range, maybe little slower, maybe a little faster. We can let the bikepackers draft us :laughing:

Since we’ll be among a whole bunch of other riders, this won’t be an official club ride.

Here’s the route we’ve used before, I’ll verify before Sunday if any changes are needed to match the BT700 route (if it’s changed since last year)


Thanks Kevin. Should be a beautiful morning for the big ride. It’s likely the ride won’t get going until closer to 8:30am. But Ecocafe is open by 7am to serve drinks and food.

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I didn’t specify, but we’ll meet at eco cafe. Timing is tight for me so probabaly driving to St. Jacobs’.

Also, if the distance seems a bit much, we could probably have a group split off earlier to head back. TBH, I’m not certain if I’ve got another 100 km of gravel in my legs after today.


I’m going to be riding out to Millbank and G2G back to Elmira (maybe St.Jacobs to complete loop).

If need be, I can have my sherpa (/mobile bike shop aka spouse) could meet us at Linwood/Anna mae’s if anyone needs anything. :sweat_smile:

I think y’all might be a bit faster so I’ll likely be rolling with the Saddle Sisters of High Park.

Hope to meet some of you soon! Cheers!

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Hey folks!
I was out there to cheer everyone on with my li’l one! Good luck on the trip!