Calendar Look and Function

I played around with the calendar and creating events that get auto populated to it previously. I noticed that every event was seen in the calendar using the same colour, blue. If members actually create a bunch of their own “unofficial” events the calendar could be difficult to read and sort through.

Is it possible to assign a different colour to club rides and maybe pin them to the top of a given day. Different colours for unofficial rides and special events would also be great.

Any other thoughts on this?

Short answer is no. I haven’t found a way to change the colours based on category. I did look for this. Also, we currently have it setup so that only staff and ride leaders can create calendar events. I think keeping the ability to post these to a limited number of responsible folk is best. That way they can be ‘official’ rides by our ride leaders.

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Good to know. Glad the ability to post events to the calendar is limited.