Re-arranging Categories -- changing the look a bit

Hi Everyone,

I have changed things up a bit. This is only a test and there could still be more revisions.

At the top we are thinking of allowing our club sponsors to post about sales, events, etc, themselves. This has been added to the Announcements and FAQs category. Sponsors may be a separate category, but I tried that and thought it looked too crowded. Not sure.

The primary categories after this are:

  • Ride
  • Race
  • Lead

For now this is our club theme and we are gonna stick with it. I have added sub-categories under Race and Lead to make is similar to the Ride category.

Site Feedback has had a “Help Me” component added to it to welcome people to ask questions as well as post feedback. When the site goes live this will move down to the Bottom of the category lists. Beta Testers is a sub-category, but it is only viewable if you actually are a Beta tester.

The rest of the categories are in no particular order as of now. These could be moved around. There are sub-categories for Members Only and for Committees ( but you can only see the Committee sub-categories if you are a member of that sub-committee). Not sure if order for these bottom categories are important or not.

Think it looks good and the sub-categories make sense in the structure. With the highlighting of the sub-categories on the main page I think there should be no issues finding them.

I like the sub categories and how it’s structured so far. My only complaint is the colours are a bit distracting on the main categories page. I’m wondering if we’re better served making all the sub categories the same colour as the parent.

I have mixed thoughts on the colours. Not sure. I think we need more input.

I just tried changing the sub-category style to ‘bullet’ instead of ‘box’.
For me personally, this makes a big difference and looks better.
It looks much less distracting. I have some vision issues when it comes to contrast and this mode doesn’t seem to upset them.

Any opinions from others?

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I quite liked how the original style categories popped. In the bullet style is it possible to bold the sub category titles so they don’t blend it with the description of the main category as much?

I like the bullets better - it’s less like a 90’s rave :rofl:
I agree with Oliver, if we could do something with the formatting it would help, but not a biggie if there are more important things to work on.

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I like the bullet style better.

Bullets are OK but if we use them something needs to make the Sub-categories stand out. I think something as simple as bold or italics would do it.

I kinda liked the colour squares. Another option could be to use them but standardize on one colour that is easy to read. The colour box makes them stand out though,which i like.

I think they stand out fine as bullets.

Are the colours arbitrary and to aid in recognition?

Is it me or did the Latest button disappear from the top page green bar thing? I was using that… :wink:

Can we use consistent structure in the descriptions? “For discussions” vs “Discussions”, etc. Is “A place/A space” necessary? Some read nicely with that first sentence omitted.

And, randomly, I think “members only” should by hyphenated?

“WCC and Sponsor Announcements and FA” (which no longer fits on my wide screen!) has a nice direct to the point description. “Buy/Sell” has a nice creative description.

I thought putting sponsors in with the WCC Official docs sounded good but after looking at the title I’m not as sure. Can we call the category simply “Club Information”? Or “Waterloo Cycling Club”? (Sponsor promotions could be considered club info… unless they would apply to all people??)

Everything is a work in progress, and I am not too worried about this being cleaned up 100% even during the next roll out. It gets a bit complex right now because we have multiple people doing things.

I did the “WCC and Sponsor Announcements and FAQ’s” as a test to see what people think about combining this. I like the combining, but hate the title – that needs to be changed. My theory at this point is to move the FAQs into the Site Feedback/Help section and then just change the title to Announcements.

There is discussion about this and other topics, but they are going on in the Staff Category which not everyone can see. We do need more volunteers to be Staff though – hint hint @TimMcClements

It seems like we can change the font on the sub-categories by changing the CSS for the site.

What do people think?

Using the site now on my desktop I find the bullet sub-categories look just fine, but on my mobile I don’t think they stand out enough.

Nope. I don’t like the hyphen and pretty sure it is grammatically incorrect.

Cleaning up the intro’s is a possibility. They were all done ad hoc by volunteers so are a bit random, but we are a volunteer organization. hint hint

Could we try bolding the sub-categories? I’d like to see how that looks.

I’d be happy to help volunteer with the site. However, there are some strong opinions here and as a fairly new member I do worry about treading on toes. A lot of you have been members for many years and really it is your club (but I’m happy to support the vision of senior members).

I gave the sub-cats a bit of bolding. Too bold and it looks terrible again, so it’s an off black bold currently. You may have to hard refresh your browser to see the latest styling.

EDIT: also added a dotted box around. I kind of like it. I think it makes the sub cats stand out more. Curious what others think.

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I think the dotted box works well A nice compromise.

Works for me. It makes them stand out. I sorta liked the colours, but it was perhaps too much.

The current look (as of 10:45pm Wednesday) looks good
Coloured bullets :white_check_mark:
bold :white_check_mark:
dotted box outline :white_check_mark:

Can we change “Grand Tours” in racing to “Classics and Grand Tours” (or even World Tour Road Racing)