Brantford Eclipse Ride April 8th afternoon

With the impending eclipse so nearby I thought it would be fun to bike out to Brantford to see it, and I figured I might as well organize something. If people know of a good place to watch I’m open to suggestions, but the first place to come to mind is the Oakhill Trail Bridge:

The eclipse will achieve totality at around 3:15 pm, so if we head out from the trailhead by Conestoga college Doon campus around 1 pm that should be plenty of time at an intermediate/fast gravel pace:

I don’t have an exact route planned out but I was thinking of following the rail trails along the river if the roads will be crazy with cars. I’m not too familiar with the gravel roads down there if there are good alternatives for the return journey. Round trip should be around 100k depending on the exact route. Bring lights as the eclipse will start around 2 pm or so. Hoping for clear skies next Monday…


Hmm, this sounds fun. Debating if I take a vacation day or not, but it seems likely.

Either way, I for sure can make a good route. The Bridge at Waterford could also be an option, we’d have a longer duration of totality.

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It might also be a good trial run of some of the P2A segments!

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I’m in, took the day off work.

I’ll work on a route, we can for sure incorporte some of the P2A roads, likely more of the cento course.

It’s not very P2A, but I was thinking about this:

it obv starts at my place, but the group start would be at the usual south start of Fountain and Blair.

@RustyHacksaw looks pretty close to my thoughts.

  • We’re so close to the Win-Del Velodrome that we might as well pop by for fun.
  • I’ll re-route a little on the way back to mimic more of the P2A cento route.

Hmm, that distance might be a bit more than I was planning, considering that I’ve barely ridden outside this spring. I think I’m not sure I want to risk a round trip of much more than around 125 km. Further does get us more time in totality, though…

I would be interested but I’m BRAND NEW to the club and I’m not too sure how this all works just yet. I’m pretty average I’d say - on the gravel bike maybe 24-27km/h speeds. Only ridden in a group setting once. So with that I’m not sure if I’d fit your ride. I will do the learn to group ride when that takes place! Regardless though as I’m sure you know, the closer you can get to Lake Erie the better. I was thinking about driving to Caledonia and riding to Port Maitland on the road (just by myself).


This sounds awesome! Wish I didn’t have to work…I even have eclipse glasses :joy:

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I’m in. Work let me take some time off.

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First draft:

  • I tried getting to Waterford and Win-Del outdoor Velodrome - but that makes it quite long, especially for so early in the season
  • I added some trails around Brantford. There’s a couple bridges across the Grand that are just a touch further south than Oakhill Trail bridge, so technically may get a few more moments of totality :person_shrugging: KM 45 of the route.
  • On the way back we get some P2A roads (also on the way we do the rail trail in reverse direction from race day) KM 76.2 to 96.6 was part of the Cento route last two years.
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Sounds great! I’m in.

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I’m in! Sounds great and good route planning!

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Okay, the forecast is looking clear enough tomorrow so we should hopefully have a good viewing experience. With that route we hit some bridges at around 40 to 45 km in, so if we head out from the trailhead for 1 pm that should be plenty of time. See everyone there, and don’t forget eclipse glasses and lights!

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Argh, ok now i can’t make it to the start. There’s a slim chance I’ll be able to drive ahead to meet up on the route. (like maybe at Glen Morris)

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What an awesome ride! Overcast skies as @Arlambert @Patti @JeffSShepherd and @hugoperezcano set out in the cool afternoon. The Sun started peeking out around midway on the way over. Skies had cleared by the time we got to Oak Hill Trail Bridge where we parked. The Grand river flowing below as the moon nudged its way in front of the sun. A weird yellowish hue made its way in, birds got louder, then dusk. Glasses off to take in the magnificent but too short spectacle of the total eclipse!


I prepared a shot video @JeffSShepherd @Patti @Arlambert if you want to check it out here. Hugo on Instagram: "Chasing the Sun - Solar Eclipse Ride"

Hope you enjoy it.