Blue Mountain June15 Gravel Race

Registration is now open for the Blue Mountain Gravel Race. June 15th.

This is a UCI Event - so expect some Spicy racing at the front of the pack (for many of us think it’ll be more about surviving to the finish lol). Can be certain it’ll have plenty of climbing.
I didn’t race it last year, but it’s been on my list since then - so plan to tackle it for sure this year! Hoping a few (or all) of the WCC Gravel gang will join!

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Awesome. I did it last year and enjoyed it despite a bent derailleur hanger leading to a ton of lost time on the mud section where I went endo on lap 1 which led to multiple chain drops.

It was a world gravel champs qualifier so it was definitely spicy. Lots of elevation gain and mostly gravel road with one technical section that was very muddy and I had to run it 3x.

There is a long descent where I hit my fastest ever speed of 76 km/h. No pedaling, just tuck and rest.

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There’s only 1 technical section? I think you’ve helped me decide to pass on this one. Too far away and a hotel stay.
Good luck all!

maybe you get to do the technical section three times :crazy_face: - not sure if this’ll be the official route - but with 1300m+ climbing, it’s definitely going to be a challenge!

We did it 3x last year and the course looks very similar except there is a new start point on the loop. It’s the final few km at the end of 12th line after the road ends. The climb up 12th is draggy and long. The combo of this long climb followed by “mud and blood” separates the field.