Nice list of big 2022 gravel races


Yeah, P2A reg probably opens pretty soon too, eh?

I’m not sure but I’m guessing it’s not too far off. :slight_smile:

Hurtin’ in Haliburton reg opens December 1st!

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p2a announced sometime in December. Looks like I have to ride the short distance with the kid, unless I can find a tandem and persuade him to ride longer

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There we go, P2A reg opens December 12th.

Hey who’s that in WCC kit? Hard to tell, maybe @matmanexc74 ?



PLEASE please use my tandem to race P2A this year. It would fit you and D perfectly. I think it’s a 54? I ride the front at 6’2"…my wife rides in the back at 5’2".

There is a strong history in WCC winning the tandem event in gravel races.

Kari and Adam won P2A on their tandem. (tandem category). I bought a tandem as a direct result of that win.

My son and I won P2A Tandem on our bike a few years later. (Tandem category)

And later we raced Steaming Nostril, together. The only tandem…so podium!

I also rode the Tour de Grand on it with my Daughter…TWICE !

It’s created a lasting memory and bond between us.

I offer it fully and completely to you and D to experience it for yourself.

It is yours for the taking. Even just to ride it with him on the local trails.


P.S. Keep in mind that you might have a combined weight of 300 lbs. But, you are two bodies (4 legs) putting DUAL watts into a single bike with no aero penalty. It’s quite easy to hold 400 watts.

This is us at the steepest point of the final climb in P2A…about 200M from the finish.

This is us in the Steaming Nostril. (Photo in Canadian Cycling taken by your lovely wife, BTW)

My Daughter and I at the start of Tour de Grand.

Sticking with the theme of “Gravel Racing”…you are bound to podium on a tandem…as there are usually no more than 3 in the race.



I’m going to ask Devin tonight if he is willing. I had been half heartedly looking for something. My guess is your wife doesn’t have the seat post slammed. We managed to ride @Arlambert tandem around at the cx social, he enjoyed that. I’m not ready to submit to riding with him on the 45km just yet.

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