Randonneurs Ontario 200k Gravel Grinder

Hi everyone!
This Saturday is the 200k Gravel Grinder with Randonneurs Ontario.
It’s a tough ride, I’m not gonna lie! But also very beautiful!
A few of us from the club (WCC) are already signed up.
If you plan on coming out please review the rules from Randonneurs and be sure to register.
I’m probably going to be the person handing out cards and inspecting your bike.
Basically you’ll want to have a front and rear light and a reflective vest. If you don’t have those things, I can’t let you ride! I mean, no one can stop you but I don’t want to be liable.
I’ve copy and pasted the blurb which Charlie sent out to the Randonneurs below, including the route.
Come on out! Watch me DNF it for a second year in a row!

Gidday Riders,

This is the first and last call for the Gravel Grinder 200k that starts at 330 Farmers Market Rd, Waterloo, ON on Saturday the 30th, at 0700.

This route is 60% gravel, so I’d really recommend wider tires. There’s not really anything that would require a mountain bike but washboards and fresh gravel are a possibility.

Due to all the backroads services are sparse. If you can carry 3 bottles I’d recommend doing so. Please have a gander at the rwgps and make note of the last services in Erin.

A reflective vest and lights are required to be worn at the start since sunrise is basically seven this time of year.



If you have any questions please ask, hope to see you out.


This seems REALLY interesting as an alternate to the regular Saturday Gravel Ride.

Will shop the idea around.


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The only thing about it is that everyone needs to register who wants to ride. You don’t have to be a Randonneurs member, you can do a try a ride. But folks who are not registered riding with those who are will be breaking the rules of Randonneurs Ontario. So those riding who are registered will be disqualified.


Everyone that has a WCC membership has the required OCA insurance, folks just have to jump through the CCN hoops to join as a trial member.

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Gotcha. Don’t want to get you guys in trouble.

When in the deadline for registration?


The day before is good! We have to print control cards for everyone who signs up. @charlie-horse would know better.

8pm on Friday is good, think it might say that on the registration page.

Hey guys.

It seems with CX on Sunday and a critical mass of people needing to be home by noon tomorrow, that we’ve all settled on the regular WCC gravel ride tomorrow morning.