2 Day bikepacking route suggestions

I am looking to get my feet wet with bikepacking, and was wondering what suggestions people have for 2 day trips. I know there’s the cannonball which I plan on doing, but was wondering what else could work. I was also wondering what experience people have with solo bikepacking (I am still new to the area and don’t know many bikers). Routes that cover about 100km a day would be nice. Lend me your thoughts!


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I’ve been wanting to do Waterloo → Brant Park and back for a while. Very manageable distance, you could add in some detours instead of taking the rail trail down (maybe steal from the GNR a bit?) and a dedicated campground so you know it’ll have the necessary amenities.

You could even do the GNR lite - it’s a good two day route.

The GNR light looks like a great option. We did the full GNR a few weeks ago and the cannonball this weekend. Both might be a little more than you want to start with but the cannonball is very gentle. Out and back on the g2g might be a good option for you as well. Flat rail trail all the way to goderich if you want or you can mix it up by going off piste onto some of the southwestern Ontario champagne gravel.

I did a ride out to Goderich last summer. Camped over night at Point Farms Provincial Park. Lunch at Cowbell Brewery on the way there and stopped in Milverton on the way back. This is very doable. Many riders like to use the G2G rail trail. We only used it on the way back for a small section preferring to ride the Gravel roads. I have yet to do a solo trip but will likely do the GNR near the end of July. I will try to get my route maps to you. I am having trouble uploading them to this reply.

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