Young Cyclist Selling Mother's Day Cards to fund Training

I posted this in the email system earlier, but I figured I’d put it here as well. Amanda Kleinikkink is selling Mother’s Day Cards again to raise money for her competitive cycling. She’s a member of KWCA and a strong athlete with great potential. She’ll also be selling Father’s Day cards when the time comes, and she also makes and sells cards for other occasions, including birthdays. The cards she makes are beautifully done. I’ve included her message below as well as links to her website and contact information.


My name is Amanda Kleinikkink. I am a high school student at Cameron Heights and I am selling homemade Mother’s Day cards to support my competitive cycling. My goal is to compete on Team Canada in the future and have been competing ever since I was 9 years old. Let me know if you are interested in any greeting cards, all the cards and contact information is attached below. Thank you!


Instagram: cardsbyamandak

Facebook: Cards by Amanda K


I appreciate the support,

Amanda Kleinikkink


I took a look at the website and these are really well done!

Lovely work.

Thanks for the reminder. I’ll second on her being a very strong rider, with a really good attitude as well! Her mum also does a tremendous amount of work for KWCA, allowing a lot of youth programming to go ahead.

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I bought 2 Mother’s Day cards and they’re very well done.

Amanda has Father’s Day cards available now! The cards she makes are beautiful and all money raised goes toward helping support her competitive cycling training and her goal to race for Team Canada.

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