Women's group

For a number of years, there has been a Women’s WCC group on Facebook that some of you may have been members of. While this group was associated with WCC and run by members, it was not owned or run by the club.

The owner of the group recently decided that it should have a broader scope of interest and that the association with WCC no longer reflects the community there and has therefore decided to no longer be associated with the club.

Although the WCC Women’s facebook group activity had slowed down in the last year, feedback from members was that it was still a valuable community for them.

As we have built this Discourse forum we included a space for women only. Members looking to for a place to replace the old WCC Women’s group on facebook are welcome to try out the Discourse group.

For women members on the forum, if you aren’t part of the Women’s group follow these instructions to find the group and request to join.