Phasing out of WCC Google Groups

Hello Everyone,

We are going to be phasing out the use of the Ride, Race, WCC General Public, WCC Bikepacking & Buy & Sell Google Groups. There are categories for all of these in the Forum and you should use those now instead of the Google Groups. The Groups will be officially shutdown on July 9th.

All new WCC members will be setup on the Forum now instead as our primary method of member-to-member communication. Current 2021 Members have all received an invite to join the Forum and most of you have signed up. We hope everyone has joined shortly.

Members have access to the main categories on the Forum as well as some locked Members Only categories.

We have also invited and had over 100 signups of old WCC members who have not yet renewed for this year. They have access to the main categories only. Anyone is welcome to go to and request to sign up for an account to allow them to participate in discussion about biking with us using the open categories. Please feel free to let your friends know about the forum and request a sign up. We want to build an open and active online biking community!

We are in the process of opening up anonymous public access to to the forum to allow this to be a resource to the cycling community to browse, but all posting and replies will require a registered account.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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I have made the Google Groups used for version 2 of the WCC community forum read only,

  • Bike packing
  • Ride
  • Race
  • General Private
  • General Public


/cc @Steven_Stillaway

Thanks. Was gonna do that this morning.

I was out of town working all week and just got back last night.

You and Tom have done so much. We are happy to help where we can.