For Women Only

Could I please have access to the women’s group? I’m trying to sign up for the women’s ride at 10 tomorrow morning. I joined earlier this week.

Hello and welcome to the club! I just checked and you were added to the women’s group, so you should be able to see and join the event. Let me know if you are still having difficulties accessing information. See you tomorrow!

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Thanks, that’s great!

Hi Carolyn,
I attended the first learn to ride virtual last Wednesday and inquired about the women’s group. I was told about your ride last Saturday but, very regrettably, was away camping and could not join in. I would like to be added to the women’s group please! I have been riding for many years (not super active quite a while) but am especially interested in connecting with women and finding some riding partners rather than going it solo. I hope you had a good turnout last Saturday and I look forward to future women’s events. Thanks!


I just checked and you have been added to the group. You should be able to see the Women’s forum. Let me know if you are having any issues accessing any information!


Thanks Carolyn. I will check that out!

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