Wilmot Easthope Rd

This is possibly yesterdays news but, I noticed on the way back from Erbsville tonight that they are paving Wilmot Easthope Rd from Perth Ln 34 (Erbs Rd) towards Carmel-Koch. I would guess they will take it all the way to Lisbon.
Thats one of the last remaining gravel tracks in that section.
Perhaps this gravel riding game has a shelf life?


That sucks, found the contract on Perth East, and yes all the way to Lisbon.

Still lots of gravel west of Wilmot. I don’t see much of that being paved, this one involves budget sharing with Wilmot. Perth and Oxford County seem are a long way from paving their roads. If you drive to the start of a ride then starting from New Hamburg is a really good start location unless the wind is from the East.

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Yeah, what Rob said. Not ideal, but there still is plenty of gravel near to there. I may make some updates to our regular routes out that way, we’ll see.

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Confirmed. This road is now nicely paved from Erb St. to Lisbon, not tar and chip but better. Smooth. Great for the roadies. Sorry gravelies. Super quiet.