Weekend Gravel Ride - Poll

The Forecast this weekend is for a north wind on both Saturday and Sunday. A north wind would generally have us heading towards Alma (we were there last weekend and the service was poor) or Belwood which brings the roads leading into Elmira into play. This Saturday is the Maple Syrup Festival which creates a high volume of cars (and distracted drivers) leading into town. Kevin has put together a new route up to Belwood that avoids Elmira. The route is 110km long and can be viewed here: Up to Belwood on the East side - short · Ride with GPS. Alternatively we can ride on Sunday and do the traditional route which is a bit shorter. Belwood clockwise · Ride with GPS. The forecast for Sunday is milder (14 vs 9) and a lighter wind (10kph vs 21kph). I am good either way and will post based on the majority.

  • Ride Saturday
  • Ride Sunday
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I do not see an option for both days…


I’m only a “maybe” for Saturday, but voted anyways. (Sunday is MTB day instead)

The people have spoken. However in order to serve everyone there will be a ride both days. Vikram will be leading on Saturday and will post later today. I will lead on Sunday. Both rides will go to Belwood so anyone who doesn’t get enough on Saturday is welcome to do both.