March 26th - 27th weekend gravel plans

Once again, the weather on Sunday looks to be better than Saturday - though in this case “better” is maybe a stretch. Perhaps I should just say “less worse”. It’ll be colder Sunday than Saturday, but at least whatever precipitation will be snow instead of rain or freezing rain on Saturday.

Anyhow, I’ll be posting a ride for Sunday, likely 9 AM at the Outlet mall. Thinking it’ll be a bit shorter, maybe 40-60 km. I couldn’t help but notice one of the few paces open on a Sunday is Local Renaissance in Elmira. That could make a nice stop towards the end of the ride.


Oh man, Sunday looks like it might be better as a fat bike day! 38km/h sustained, 57k/h gusts from the NW … either way, it’ll be interesting! Although the hourly forecast shows only 29-44 km/h winds for 9am, easy breezy …

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@RustyHacksaw you totally nailed it.

I just switched to post for today to an urban adventure ride.
Looks like the snow isn’t so deep that I’m sure other bikes will be ok. But maximum fun on a fatty.