Wednesday May 19th: Road, Crossroad and Adventure routes

Alright, this week I’ve gone even further, making three routes. All routes start and end at SJAM, and they all have some roads in common. There a good chance of flybys, especially along Wilby, which is the out and back road for all three.

Adventure loop:
This is the longest route, and includes a whole lot of trails, with a lot of them being urban trails on the edges of Baden and New Hamburg. Several are completely new to me, but I did have help from a local sometimes CX’er (thanks @Luke_Ehgoetz ). There’s also a zig-zag bit from km 24 to 37, for maximum flyby chance at the corners and shared sections.

Crossroad loop:
The crossroad loop is 62 km, and cuts out some of the zig-zags, and it cuts out a whole lot of trails, especially the ones that I know are rougher.

Road loop:
The road loop is almost exclusively paved, and features some nice quiet country roads. There is 400 m of gravel right at the start but otherwise it’s all paved. There’s a 7 km section at the start and 10 km section near the end that’s shared across all the routes, so riding it Wednesday evening will give you a good chance of seeing other members out riding, to say hello.


For what it’s worth, my plan is to do the long route (obv) but I’ll be doing it backwards, starting at the Queen street trails (just south of Petersburg).
Hope to get lots of flybys, weather looks great - almost too warm.