Wednesday unofficial gravel (well, snow) ride - Jan 25th, 6:00 PM St. Jacob's Outlet

A big old snow storm is a comin’, so Wednesday’s going to be an urban adventure ride, with fatbikes highly recommended. Depending on how quickly the snow shows up and accumulates, skinnier tires may be ok - riding in the rut formed by the fatter tires might work. :wink:

We’ll meet at 6 PM at the outlet mall. Route is an urban adventure route to the east.

We’ll head up to do the health valley trail, then east to Millen Woods. If conditions are slow the next portion up near Grey Silo could be shortcut. After that it’s lots of urban trails to get to Sugar Bush park, then over to Columbia lake, then we finish on Benjamin trail.

Wowsers, it’s really coming down now. I strongly suspect we’re gonna make the route shorter than advertised. At km 8.7 in Millen Woodlot we can turn right and rejoin the route at km 13.6, cutting out the eastern end around RIM park. I suspect even fatbikes are gonna be very slow with this accumulation.

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All this time waiting for snow and I have a work event. Have fun!