WCC Velogames TdFrance mini league

Hi everyone,

It’s time to pick your TdFrance Velogames fantasy team and compete virtually against other WCCers

The process is straightforward:

  1. Login to Velogame 2024: [https://www.velogames.com/velogame/2024/)
  2. Pick your team (9 team members totaling no more than 100 points)
  3. Link your team to the WCC mini-league using the “WCC TdFrance” league code

Mini-league code: 725767412

Good luck!


I had the change my team even before the start. Sep Kuss is out with Covid

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Thanks @bdoberst for setting this up! Such a tough selection this year with so many riders coming back from injury, no idea who has the legs!

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It makes it more interesting when there are so many question marks! Thanks @JeffSShepherd for the heads up about Kuss.