WCC Trackies Reborn

Track at WCC has a loooong history. Going back to Robbie Good himself (who still lives in Waterloo and runs the KW Cycling Academy). He first walked into the old London Knights Hockey Arena almost 20 years ago and tapped down the outline of what is the Forest City Velodrome.

I’ve tried on more than one occasion to bring a Velodrome to town…even presented the KCV (Kitchener City Velodrome) to the City and brought the plans for the old QueensMount Arena down to Detroit to review them with Dale Hughes (who helped build Milton) to see if we could squeeze a small temporary track in there. Velodromes are a tough business.

Robbie is still the God-Father and runs the kids through their paces and races for the past couple of decades. Adam Poll, Ryan Aichesen and bunch of other have raced there…but for the most part we all got certified a decade ago and now just visit the Rec rides.


Me, Del, Malcolm and Tommy, Kevin, Brent and Sammy were there last month under COVID protocols. Tommy and Kevin were going to Milton as well.

NOTE: Tommy B. and Kevin S. are the Clubs only OCA Certificate TRACK Commissaires. Kevin in particular has moved up the Track Commissaire ranks and is a regular track official, with perhaps the highlight being on track in Corner 1 during the World’s at Milton. I am going to suggest that they are your Club Leaders and Content Experts for all things Track.

BTW, we ALL were certified and moved to Milton when it opened over half a decade ago.

WCC at Milton

Me, Tommy and Orrin raced the NCIM Race Series Last Year before COVID hit. We also did a clinic in Madison which is one heck of a crazy thing if you have seen it. And even Crazier if you’ve done it.

Here is Tommy and his partner “hand swinging” him into action.

The 15 WCC Trackies currently riding Milton and FCV include:

Tom B
Kevin S.
Alain F.
Orrin B.
Brent D
Malcolm S.
Del P.
Jeff H.
Susan J.
April B.
Gary S.
Sammy R.
Allan V.
Tom C.
Carolyn C.

But I know that Chris F., Andy (King Street) and many of the Local KW Cycling Academy Youth Racers and Family members train there regularly.

Here’s a Youtube Video I made with the Club GoPro Camera a few years ago at FCV. Gives you a feel for the place.


Track is back! Or is it 'Back on Track?

This is exciting and I’m looking forward to getting more people hooked on track riding!

Btw…I can talk about track riding and/or racing all day. Happy to chat.

There’s a top level track meet going in this weekend in Belgium with some big names in Europe. Streaming is in Sporza Belgium…if anyone knows where I can watch it online, let me know?


Thank you Alain,
We are regular track addicts are chomping at the bit to get back on track, this will be a welcome distraction until that occurs. We need to get on FCV again with the Gopro to record the new and improved track… with better lights and beautiful track surface. :slight_smile:
We should also take the GoPro to Milton and record some sessions on that track to give people a comparison. I can hardly wait to get back on the boards… and to put that blue shirt back on to officiate at events again!
Ride on!!!
Kevin S