A green wave at the Milton Velodrome

There’s a small but dedicated group of ‘trackies’ who ride at the Milton velodrome all winter (with occasional forays out to Forest City velodrome). This past Saturday morning, at 6:30am no less, seven WCC members showed up to ride a drop in session. I think we made up a third of all riders! The session coordinator, Michael, was kind enough to get some photos and video of the WCC green wave in action: Mattamy National Cycling Centre - Track Cycling | Facebook

If anyone in the club is interested in getting certified to ride at Milton or FCV, details are here:
Milton: “Adult track certification A & B”: Track Certification - National Cycling Institute Milton
FCV: https://www.forestcityvelodrome.ca/track-certification/

NOTE: if you first get certified at FCV, Milton will generally waive Cert A and just get you to do Cert B. If you first get certified at Milton, FCV may just ask you to do some solo laps under the watchful eye of a session coordinator before giving you the green light to join a paceline. FCV is a challenging track to ride, but as the saying goes, “if you can ride FCV, you can ride anywhere”.


For those of you without Facebook.


If you haven’t ridden the track before, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to add some variety to the typical winter trainer/occasional outdoor ride season. The certification process isn’t too difficult (especially if you’ve ridden a fixie before!) and helps keep the sessions safe and fun. Rental bikes are available, but if you keep an eye out, a basic track bike can be found used for a reasonable cost – a benefit of the bike’s simplicity!


If you guys have a car pool for trips out of Waterloo, I’d love to join you.

I would also be very interested in joining this. Pleas let me know if there is a car pool. Also interested in the track certification if we could get people together for that.