UCI Nations Cup

I’m not sure if this should be posted in here, because it’s not riding the track… but witnessing some of the world’s best track riders racing. Milton is hosting the next round of the Track Nation’s Cup May 12-15th. There will be a full slate of racing and you can purchase tickets to come watch. The best sessions to attend would be the evening sessions … as that is when the finals of all events of the day take place.

For schedule and ticket information:

I have the honour of officiating this event again this year. Look for me holding riders during Team Pursuit and Team Sprint events… or standing quietly in Corner #1 or #2 looking pretty and keeping my mouth shut… lowly provincial commissaires are told to be quiet and speak only when spoken to. :wink: LOL

Come on out and enjoy world class racing, in a world class facility.


Do you know if there is a group from WCC going any particular night(s)? I’ve gone a few times in past years and it was quite entertaining.


I have not heard of any groups going down… but I know Del P and Tom B have gotten evening passes for the entire event. You should talk with them and try to organize a group. Sorry I can’t do that, I’m there working as an official and must look… official. :wink:

Hey @TommyB and @Del, it sounds like you’ll be around the velodrome. I don’t think I can come every night; any recommendation on what night I should come out? Is there going to be a WCC group one night?

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They’ve changed up the events a bit this year.
Friday is a decent evening for variety…Kilo, pursuit, women’s Match sprint (Kelsey Mitchell has a good chance of getting gold), and always a favourite, the Elimination race.

Saturday has women’s omnium and men’s keirin (my favourite race). And men’s Madison (also a fav)

Sunday is men’s match sprint, women’s keirin (Laurianne Genest or Kelsey could do really well) and women’s Madison.

For the casual fan, Friday is the “buffet night” with a wider selection of race types.

As with previous years, I’m there every night with my family. My daughter and I have also signed up to volunteer Sunday during the day.

If you’re going, let me know and we can meet and chat!

Sorry Jeremy I misread the post. I thought you wanted to start riding track.
But you actually are looking to get info about the UCI track event in May which i think Tommy has answered.


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One last ping for this great event!

We are very lucky to have a world class facility like the Milton Velodrome <1hr from here…and even luckier to be one of three global locations to host the UCI Nations Cup this year!

We have world champions, Olympic Gold medalists, and national champions here this week competing!

Pdf for the competition schedule (see my previous comment for a summary of daily events)

Tickets available here:

If anyone is interested in going and hasn’t bought tickets yet, I have an extra pair of general admission for this evening (Saturday).