WCC cycling jerseys - tech type but NOT fitted

So, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a few WCC cycling jerseys. But then I started trying on some various cycling jerseys at some of the local shops.

Unfortunately, at 60 years old and after having five children, I don’t think I’m going to fit into a fitted cycling jersey.

So, my question is, when we put together the clothing order, can we include some casual fit wick-away tech shirts that have the same colouring as the cycling jerseys?

Maybe we already do that, but if we do, I don’t know about it.

I ride in the rec gravel ride on Thursday night and Saturday morning. Although I may be trying to beat my personal best, I am definitely not in a race and a floppy T-shirt does not hold me back.



I took a chance and ordered a WCC jersey when I joined the club this spring and found the sizing charts quite helpful. I was worried about my “juicy” sized hips etc but found they had a good range of sizing and the jersey is quite comfortable, a bit loose in the shoulders but I like it overall. I think I chose the classic fit. That said, it’s nice to have more options if possible :slight_smile:


Yes! Like Doris said, if you order the classic fit and not the race fit the jersey will be more relaxed fitting. I’ve ordered both versions in the past and I also find them a little loose in the shoulders both versions! There are also usually fit nights at Adventure Guide if you want to try them on before ordering.

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