Vote on ideas for Group 3 road ride for Saturday

So I’m not sure what I want to do for this weekend for Group 3 ride. I know a lot of people are on vacation so I thought I would put it to the vote again to see what people want.

I’m thinking we have a more chill ride and try and keep it more to the lower end of group 3 speed e.g. 31 to 32 so it is true coffee ride rather than a training ride. Keep the group together and stronger riders pulling those struggling back on if needed.

I have three options to vote on based on the wind:

Same route as the Intermediates to Country Sisters - 87km

Shorter ride to Stratford via the airport - 96km

Longer ride we did to Stratford a month ago (flatter rather than hillier) - it worked out well last time

So what would you like to do?

  • 87km To Country Sisters please!
  • 96km Let’s go short to Stratford
  • 113km Let’s go longer to Stratford
  • I can’t make it, sorry!

0 voters