Gauging interest in a fast 3 road ride Saturday?

So I’m being a bit lazy and not posting a whole ride I’m just starting a topic if folk are interested.

Weather looks to be brisk Saturday (between 5 and 8 the whole morning, warming to 8 at the end). Wind makes a Stratford ride likely (so in the 100km range). Speaking to others, most have told me I won’t get the numbers for Fast 3 this late in the season.

Let me know if you are interested here and if there is sufficient I’ll post an official ride in the Rides area.


For me, it’s not about being late in the season (I’d definitely go if it was 20C), it’s about temperature and weather in general. 5 - 8°C is too cold for me on the road bike. I’d likely go for a trail ride.

BTW - thanks to you and Jason for organizing the rides this season. We do sometimes get a warm day in October (like this past Wed), so maybe it’s not over yet.


I’m booked for the weekend, otherwise I’d go

I’m good for Saturday

I am in and will hold onto the back for as long as I can.

I’m in if this happens.

So it is also looking pretty breezy ( potentially gusts up to 50!) So a larger group would help for shielding from the wind. There will be some sort of crosswind section too ( nature of all the routes). We could do it with the 4 of us but it might be rough.

Temperature seems to be a little varied too depending what forecast you choose to believe but no higher then 8 but with a windchill the high is at 2.

So not the pleasant weather we have been having. I know, I’m not exactly selling this!

Let me think overnight on it, I’m not entirely convinced myself! I’ll either post a ride or post no ride in the AM tomorrow.

Okay took the dog for a walk and in the wind it was pretty unpleasant. Looking at the forecast it will be cooler and windy tomorrow morning. So I’m not going to post anything, sorry. I think it will be pretty nasty especially as it is more exposed as we get out of the city.

Likely I’m going to ride the gravel ride that Jim posted. Little shorter, hopefully more cover from the wind and gravel is harder work so should be easier to keep the core body a bit warmer. If any of you have gravel bikes (or wider road tires) might be an option for you too.

Probably the right call. I’ve never joined a gravel. Do you think I could do it with my 30s?

I might just do a shorter solo in the early afternoon.

30mm is normally fine on the rail trail and most gravel roads, part of the trail was resurfaced this week so that may or may not be a no go or a really rough slog.

I’ve done plenty of gravel on a road bike, it is good until it isn’t. It will certainly beat up the body a lot more and you will want to lower the pressures a little.

Intermittently I’ve used an old steel road bike as my winter gravel bike, with 28 mm tires. Rail trail was generally fine. As Rob said, if there’s fresh gravel in sections, it could be tough as a skinnier tire will sink in more.