Track Nations Cup - April 12-14

The UCI Track Nations Cup is at Milton next week (April 12-14). This is the 3rd year at Milton (as “Nations Cup” and 6th year if you include the previous 3 years as “World Cup”).

This is one of three top level races that are run annually at various places around the world. Velodromes are awarded hosting an event in 3 year increments and so this is the last time at Milton until we get selected again.

Tickets are on sale here: Event Info — Track Nations Cup Milton

I recommend Saturday (6pm-9:30pm) or Sunday (4:30pm-7pm) evening sessions as you will see all the good races!
Aside from the Aussies (no team sent), the rest of the countries attending are sending top riders as this is the last chance to collect crucial points to qualify for the Olympics in Paris this July.

As always…if you have any questions, send me a DM or reply in this thread. I will be there Saturday and Sunday evening too. :slight_smile:

Schedule can be found here: 2024 Tissot UCI Track Nations Cup | UCI

(i can’t add a pdf to this post…but scroll down to the blue section for Milton and select the top pdf)


@TommyB I am looking to go to this, it looks like a great opportunity, maybe just one of the evening sessions. Do you have any recommendation on tickets? Premium seem a pretty good deal comparatively.

Hey @joemonks

Don’t bother with Premium. Extra $13 gets you access to a few seats along front/back straights. Go with General and you can sit anywhere (except for the “premium” sections). The irony is that the finish line is at ‘section 105’ which is not a Premium section. :slight_smile:

See you there! :smiley:

For those interested, live streaming of each day will be on YouTube. (I highly recommend going to watch given how close it is to us!)

Day 1: (Friday)

Day 2: (Saturday)

Day 3: (Sunday)


Big thanks for plugging this @TommyB , just got back and had an absolute blast. Front row seats on the finishing straight for a little over $30 and watching Kate Archibald, Neah Evans and Ethan Hayter bringing home golds for team GB. For anyone one the fence about going there are two sessions Sunday…highly recommend it for a great few hours out. And they serve beer.


Glad you had a good time, @joemonks !! :blush:

Unfortunate that we have never met on our road rides yet so that we could have recognized each other and chatted at the track.

I’ll be there tomorrow for the evening session!

Tomorrow it will be the women’s turn at the omnium (Katie Archibald will be the Team GB rider) and Keirin, the men in Madison and Match Sprint.

4pm to 7:30pm for the medals races…the morning session 10am to 2pm are the qualifying races.

And, Joe…keep an eye open later this year as I’ll be organizing a try the track session for the club so that you can do your best impression of Ethan Hayter! (After all, @MarkW has already committed to giving it a go. :grimacing:)