Tour de Norfolk

Anyone planning on the Tour de Norfolk this Sunday? I was aiming for the 160k earlier but haven’t been getting long rides in, so might just go for the 100k. Would love to ride with any others riding at a similar 30-32 km/hr average pace.


Yes I will be doing the 100km as well. There are about 18 people I know going, some from the club and others from other clubs or just private. Myself and a few others will be riding your pace. This is a fairly flat ride and wind sounds like not an issue from others who have ridden it…

Awesome, I’m in. I’ll wear my WCC kit and look for others!

I and others will as well…


It was well planned and executed event. We did the 100km and it was a pleasant ride…I think 5 cars passed us the entire time…


I completed 160kms in pretty much solo effort as the pace lines of the groups were quite slower compared to our Tuesday Bamberg loops :slight_smile: It was a fun route however missing the climbs…pretty much flat all the way. Lots of food stops and the pavement was marked well. Almost no cars :slight_smile: 20 kms short of the full IM distance, I don’t think I would be able to run for 42 kms after this :slight_smile: training in progress lol