2021 Giro - May Include Spoilers!

I just have to say what an outstanding race this has been so far.

Stage 1 - Ganna rode the most incredible prologue in the history of the sport. (Almost 59kmh average on a technical course!)
Stage 3 - Brilliant tactics, monster efforts and a nail biting finale
Stage 4 - Horrible weather, suffering and deserving winners and GC shake up.

Doesn’t get much better than this :slight_smile:


Agreed! I’ve always liked the Giro a bit more than the Tour. Something about the Giro makes it less predictable…and I like that

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I really liked the winner of Stage 2. I watched Merlier win some impressive sprints this spring and picked him to get Stage 2. I’m also thinking he’ll beat Caleb tomorrow too…it’s a 900m straight shot and his long sprint is too good. Throw a turn in the last 700m and I’d pick Caleb or vivianni with better acceleration

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I will admit, I don’t pay attention until the Mountains. When is the Queen stage?

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Stage 2 was also good for sure. Interested to see what today holds!

I don’t have Di2…

Is it possible that the bump between Merlier and Ewan caused a gear shift in Merlier’s bike?

Stage 5

I read Merlier dropped a chain and that was the cause, apparently Caleb didn’t do anything wrong.

Those crashes prior to the finale were just brutal, very disappointing to have those guys leave. That marshal was standing WAY in front of the island right in the apex of the turn. Feel bad for him but usually they stand further back. Patel riding in to a low tree branch was also crazy.


I agree. Caleb didn’t do anything wrong. Sprints have contact. I was just wondering if Merlier’s dropped chain may have been due to a shift gear from a bump on the Di2. (Back in the days of downtube shifters we used to joke around on club ride sprints by reaching over to shift the other rider’s gear…and sometimes a dropped chain happened).

That run into the town on the stage was definitely sketchy. It’s like they used a course used in a Master’s race and thought the pros could also do it…at twice the speed!

So is everyone else shut out of watching the Giro tonight like I am. I can’t access any races.

Just checked. GCN+ working fine for me.

It just came back on for me. I was shut out all evening. Logged in and out numerous times and it finally worked.

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I’ve been watching on TIZ cycling, I didn’t jump on the GCN+ deal when it was on unfortunately.

Yesterday’s Stage

What a great stage yesterday. Ganna pulling up the climb at 450-550 watts for minutes at a time. The Maglia Rosa dropped on the descent. Bernal, Martin and Remco showed excellent form. Loving the bad weather stages, really adds drama to the race. :slight_smile:

Agreed. This has, so far, been another good Giro!

Who doesn’t like racing/riding in the rain!?

This year’s Giro has been awesome. Love the finishes. I also paid for GCN+ which has been awesome to watch the stage live or afterwards.

Spoilers below:
– Wow Egan Bernals finish on gravel. What an amazing acceleration on the gravel.
– Sagan’s team working so hard for him then his sprint at the end, great effort.

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Bora and Sagan dominated that stage it was just amazing to watch. Great sprint too!

What a stage!!! Man oh man!


Amazing stage with lots of Strade Bianchi sectors and tons of action.
Ineos bossed it today (And has been superb all race). Ganna was putting down insane power again.
Remco cracks hard and loses over two minutes. Bernal shows his class. What an amazing race this has been! One of the best in years!

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mid stage update

Dropping like flies…Soler, Masnada, and Di Marchi out…so far…

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Another great stage with some good drama in the break. :slight_smile:

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I feel like I’m almost always impressed by the Giro and I’m usually amused by the Tour every year.
The Vuelta is hit or miss.

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Yesterday’s sprint stage was boring - until the final 20 km… and then it became an amazing sprint.


The winner Nizzolo was such a worthy winner… down-to-earth and appreciative of all that he achieved. I found it so refreshing to see that in his post race interview.

Today’s stage was another amazing race too. The climb up Monte Zoncolan was EPIC!!! I don’t think I will ever consider riding up that mountain… the final gradient is just too steep for me… I couldn’t keep the front wheel down without standing - and no way I could stand and climb for 20 minutes to cover that last 1 km. :open_mouth:


Bernal’s finish was awesome! Even if he didn’t win the stage, he surely put his stamp on the race.

Great race so far, and the first time I’ve been able to watch the Giro at all. Interesting racing, and wish I had gotten GCN Race Pass much earlier. :wink:

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