Thursday night MTB skills -June 9th report and pics

Because of the rain that we got the previous night the bike park was closed. However we practiced jumping off the hopper that I borrowed from the KW Cycling Academy and front wheel lifts or hopping logs at the back of the park.
@ftkh2020 (Francine), @Wclark (Bill), @Nimia_Piper , @Bob_Abell , @Steve_Shugg , @genfourth (Dennis) and @karihueber

See you next week!



Hi Ana-Maria. The events calendar shows a Hydrocut right for 6:45 tonight. Just confirming that this is the women’s ride?

thank you

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Hi Francine
sorry for not seeing this on time. Joanne doesn’t post the rides here she sends out an email every week. I thought that you are already on her list.
We have to add you to that list so you won’t miss a rise from now on. Do you know how to reach out to Joanne?. if not reply here with your email address so I can forward it to her.
PS We missed you last night