MTB Skills July 30th -pictures and more

Even though the pump track and jump line were closed because of the rain we got to practiced skills at Riverside Park in Cambridge on the grass, rocks and speedbumps.

In attendance: Jodi and Ryan who joined us for the first time, Glenn, and Kari.
Kari is taking an active role this year helping running the ride.

As always we started with the basics, compressing the bike, front wheel lifts, rear wheel lift, going over rocks, even bunny hopping the rocks and speedbumps and ratcheting.

Keep practicing!



HI @AnaMariaBogatan, I would like to sign up for Thursday MTB skills sessions as of July 15th. Do I need so sign up every week somewhere in the forum or is messaging you enough?

Hi Matt @MattPonzano,
With current COVID restrictions we have to do ride sign-ups for each ride and are limited to 10 riders (including the ride leader).
Ana Maria (or whoever is leading the ride) will create a new forum post with a sign-up form for each ride. When you see the new post, if you can access the sign-up form that means there are still spots available.

Hope that helps explain things a bit.

Hi @Dan_Newton, thank you so much for the quick reply - it helps a lot as I am new here!
How much in advance is the sign up form posted usually?

I’d say between 2-4 days before. I’m not sure if @AnaMariaBogatan has a set day she posts it on or if she does it when she has free time.

I will set it up today
I am glad to hear that people are interested

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