MTB Skills July 15th-ride report

The forecast for today was calling for rain and thunderstorms but we got lucky and Cambridge didn’t get not even a drop of rain.
Lots of people showed up for the ride: Matt, Brian and Bill first timers , Carla, Jodi and Ryan; Kari and Glen to help and play :slight_smile:

We started by pumping the track

Then riding the jump line, we even got a little bit of air

Then we practiced cornering and bike body separation

Wheelies and bunnyhops:

Going over speedbumps:

And making faces while going over rocks:

It was another fun night playing bikes.
Thank you all for coming out to practice with us and…see you on the trails!


P.S. Thank you Carla’s sister for taking pictures for us.


Corrie :slightly_smiling_face: I will pass this on.

Yes, great job on the photos again.

I hope everyone had a great time!

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