MTB Skills August 12-pics and report

Jodi, Matt, Kari and I practiced last night. The pump track was closed so we practiced in the field and over the logs mainly. I planned a session for front wheel lifts and intro to bunnyhopping.
Neutral position/Compress through the middle of the bike/Explode up and bend arms so the front wheel comes up.
Once we get good at front wheel lifts, when the front wheel is at its highest point scoop pedals and handlebar by bending knees and elbows and bring the bike in the air.
It takes a lot of reps to do this well so this where we are at for now.
We moved to hopping logs and curbs and this is where unfortunately Matt went OTB by pulling the pedals unintentionally when the rear wheel bounced off the log. Other than that good progress.
Jodi is getting stronger with each practice, the front wheel is getting off the ground, both wheels drop at the same time when hopping the curb.
We all learn during this practice and I think both Kari and I got so much better at hopping logs by placing our front wheel onto the log. Kari’s wheelie is getting higher and longer every week.

Screenshot 2021-08-13 130141

Keep riding!

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