Thurs Road Threshold - July 22

Out of interest what was the average speed of group 2 on ride completion?

I think we averaged around 33km/h. The average doesn’t mean a lot. Most of the ride is in a “2-up” formation where we ride double file and the two at the front pull for as long as they want. In this formation it’s easy to hide and you can take shorter pulls if you’re tired.

There are sections, about four, on the ride where the pace picks up, we ride in a rotating paceline and there’s a sprint point at the end of a long stretch of road. Middlebrook Rd for example is ridden this way and we’ll average 35km/h+ for these stretches. We do regroup at a stop sign, so there’s a chance to get back on.

I believe group 2 is still a drop ride, but usually the group is fairly patient. You’d have to check with the ride leader @Jasonpollard though, as I only ride group 2 on occasion.

Thanks Mark, I was actually on the ride yesterday ( I was the one that dropped out!). I wanted to know if the pace slowed after I left since it was a bit hot for me initially ( my Garmin had it just under 35). Sounds like it did.

I’m recovering from a long term gut issue and the immediate high tempo caused some issues. I think I just need to get used to it and maybe ride with the group 3 or intermediate until my guts adjust again. When I’m on my own I can warm into it :slight_smile:

Ahh, I remember. We did ride a bit easier after the end of 2 Line E where you turned around. Although, our pace along 2 Line was tame compared to what we did on River Rd and Middlebrook. It’s a constant cycle of fast and steady stretches although the pace is often quick going out on Crowsfoot too.

Hope you come out and try again. You just have to survive those faster stretches.

Thanks for the encouragement, yes I’ll try again. I just have to be a bit careful. I was off the bike for about 9 months which really sucked and they never really got to the bottom of the problem so I’m really wary of aggrevating the issue (hence me backing off yesterday). Everything else felt fine, just the gut cramps (which hopefully won’t lead to anything worse).