Sold my Cervelo P2C

Hi all. I am considering selling my Cervelo P2C. It is a 2009 Medium/Large frame, all mechanical Dura-Ace components. It is mint condition, never dropped or crashed, always stored indoors. Always tuned and not over greased/lubed chain, also never over cleaned! Blue and black colour sceme. I will post photo.

For sale $1500 with ZIPP 404.

Reason, I love the bike, its fast and fun, but lets be honest, Im not going to race, much as I think I am going to, it just never happens, other activities get in the way. I do sometimes consider putting drop bars on to use as a regular road bike, but I have my Scott Foil.


Changing this from considering to actually looking to sell. Will sell with the ZIPP wheels for $1500 Please let me know or pass the word if you know anyone looking to get into time trials or Triathlons.