New Cervelo Soloist!

This looks to be just about perfect and I love that they resurrected the Soloist name. :slight_smile:

My perfect build:
Ultegra DI2 with 54/42
120mm -17 degree stem, 38cm bars
DA 11-30 cassette


34 mm clearance and a flat top tube? It’s a cross bike! :laughing:

It legit does look pretty nice, though.


Where is that picture my 2004 Cervelo Soloist…?

Shuffles through his bike photos…

Ah! Here is it. I bought this from EnduroSport in Toronto for $2300 in 2004. I plunked a set of aerobars and thumb shifters on it and boom…me about 90km into IronManUSA 2010.

Note the full old school WCC kit !

Fast forward 12 years later…I still have this bike and use it at every WCC Time Trial. Only I’m a little older and no longer run or swim those kind of distances…and now wearing a little too tight fighting skin suit? But, still, a WCC kit with that flying Soloist.

I am still part of the Cervelo Mafia…with 5 whips that continue to serve me well.

Soloist (S1) - TT
R3 - Zwift bike
S5 - Road
T1 - Track
Aspero - Gravel

Even the T1 is exactly the same aluminum frame and geometry as that Soloist…only no gears or brakes…used at Track Nationals a few weeks ago.

That new Soloist seems to have come a LOOOOONG way over the past 18 years.

But, its heart is the same.


EDIT: @kevrideseverything just pointed out…still using the same helmet at the track last week.


I knew you’d like it :slight_smile:


It’s pretty awesome, for those who like to tweak their positions and have full control over stack and reach it’s great. I’d also like to see the comparo data against the S5. I bet they didn’t use the same wheels on each bike. That could easily be 50-75 grams of drag right there. :slight_smile:

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This would be a really good opportunity to download from your brain on how to get more “slippery” through the wind.

I just watched some video on the interwebs by Josh Portner (I think it was on Dylan Johnson’s Youtube channel?) on the most effective aero gains.

Makes me want to go out and buy a pair of aero socks! :joy:

Maybe we can start a new thread on Marginal Gains above 40kph.

I use my S5 for TT these days because my road position is stronger for power since I don’t train in the TT position. And so if I can hold the belgian position for 20 mins it’s similar to my Soloist aerobar position…and the S5 with Easton wheels is so slippery…it was faster than the old Soloist TT rig at the last TT.

I’m also rocking your old Evade helmet in this pic from the KW Classic. (More vanity pics from me.). I can feel the air flow over my back with that helmet when I am flat. I’ve since purchased another one.

But, I’ll geek out with you if you want to start another channel around aero. I’m sure Hambini links will pop up as well.

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One final related piece to this thread about the Soloist.

The one little piece of Vroomen-White engineering that made the original soloist a game changer was…

The pivoting Seat Post.

They design a clamp at the top of the seat post that would “swivel” around. In the backward facing position, it provided a 73% seat tube angle like a road bike.

Take off the saddle, loosen the bolt (red arrow) and spin the seat post clamp around to the forward position and lock it down…and you know have a 78% seat post angle. Which was equivalent to their P1 at the time.

That clamp made it two bikes in one.

Those guys were brilliant in the early days.

I have been eyeballing those silca aero socks for a while: Maybe do a group buy and save on shipping? You can get them locally but with a significant markup

I know I should be riding up grades not buying them but I think the engine is near max output so every little helps :slight_smile:


They were brilliant. I like the old two position seat post as well. (Rearwards for UCI legal front for Triathletes)

I’ll start an aero gains thread in the TT section and will link to here :slight_smile:

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