Thoughts on Cervelo Aspero for our terrain?

I have been offered a GRX Cervelo Aspero from a friend of a friend at a pretty decent price ( I think it was a covid purchase that never got used!)

I know quite a few folk in the club have them and wanted to get peoples thoughts on it given the local conditions. I’m thinking maybe just for gravel, some racing (P2A, Dusty Nostril if I get it in time!) and maybe backup for my main road bike. I heard it might be a bit stiff compared to other gravel bikes but then I ride an aero bike on the road and I find that perfectly comfortable. I’m not bike packing or going really long distances so speed is more important than comfort for this.


There is good discussion on the following thread;

It is absolutely fine for riding around here, it is a race orientated frame. Biggest downside for me is that it is too race focused and they didn’t put fender mounts on it.

Stiffness and compliance is over hyped on gravel bikes. A change in pressure/tires and you will have a bigger impact. Sure if you are a sprinter or racer you might prefer a stiffer bike, at the same time being rattled around doesn’t help you over a race.

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Thanks @bike_daniells I forgot about that thread. @Francqlife how is your aspero holding up?

2 random reasons to buy a Cervelo Aspero.

1. It looks amazing in any context!

2. It hauls ass AND cargo


I was about to say…I have a super comfy Tour Divide bike packing rig on the left. And an ultra light, super fast, gravel race bike on the right.

But apparently…Thiago can make it work both ways with one bike.


The Aspero is a dream.

Honestly, it’s so fast and comfy. It shifts flawlessly and the hydraulic disc brakes are magic. So are the fat rims with tubeless 40mm tires at 35 psi

The frame IS stiff ! And very nimble. Feels like my R3 road bike…only much more plush and rugged.

@Askes has offered to let me try his zipp 303 wheels on his Aspero. That may be a mistake! He may never get them back.

We’ve been riding every Wednesday all summer on the most glorious gravel roads and rail trails in the region. We’re doing it again tonight.

I’m a fan of bring what ya got. Gravel is very inclusive. @jdaley54 runs an intermediate ride at 6:00. The fast-ish group goes at 6:30.

This was just last week

And this was us 2 weeks ago. Look at that blingy “sunset purple” paint job!

But you know what stands out most…

The smiles.


Thanks for the feedback @Francqlife and @Thiago . Hmm, this really is making me think hard about it :slight_smile:


+1 to @Francqlife’s comments on the gravel rides. This season, I’ve been riding with the intermediate gravel group and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve found it pretty laid back and inviting and the routes are often stunningly scenic. And, ironically, some of the hard-packed gravel roads feel smoother than some of the ignored pavement in the Region! Or maybe it’s the tires (I’m on 650x47)!!


What did you end up getting @TonyF ?

I had a steel Kona Rove on order ('cause steel!) and it was due to come in May. I contacted McPhails and they said that it was not coming in May and they didn’t have an ETA, but their Kona rep was interested in selling her personal 2020 Rove NRB. It was pretty mint, has pretty paint, and I liked the way it rode (despite being AL), so I bought it!

I’ve put about 1600 kms on it so far. It’s definitely an in-betweener – not light/racy like the Aspero, and not as ‘bikepacky’ as some other options. But, as my first gravel bike, that’s what I wanted and I’ve been really enjoying riding it. Did a slow-but-steady ride on G2G to Goderich to meet my wife at the beach last weekend!


The Track’n’Thai jersey? :joy: :grimacing:


So after all of that. We all rode our 10 year old canti brake winter rain bikes tonight.



ah the classic nice bike, nice weather vs old bike, bad weather conundrum. Something to consider since if I’m riding gravel I’m normally doing it in bad weather. Don’t want to get the nice bike mucky :slight_smile:

It is winter that destroys bikes, if you are riding when there is salt then it is worth considering how much you want to spend on maintenance. Guaranteed to need a chain each year at a minimum. Discs and rotors will get contaminated, and you should probably strip the bike to the frame each year.

Rain on the other hand isn’t so bad if you have fenders and dry the drivetrain afterwards.


There is only one problem with riding old crappy winter-rain bikes that are over a decade old.

They are a harsh ride and break down constantly.

We spent more time on the side of the road reattaching crank arms that came off, kicking front derailears, checking for flats, mis-shifting gears and listening to the screetch of barely effective canti-brakes.

Buy that “new” bike Oliver !

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Does my vote count? I think you should get it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The correct answer is always “get the bike”.

But specifically for an Aspero, totally perfect for around here.


It looks like the deal is happening so it might make an appearance on Sunday if I can get it setup in time and get a short shakedown ride in :slight_smile:


Just in time for the 10-15mm of rain! …oh wait, that’s another thread. :joy:

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In the immortal words of @gmerritt , “You’re not made of sugar…and neither is your bike”.

It’s going to be great.

Playing in the mud, rain and snow is half the sport of cycling.

It’s why we all rode MTB bikes in the rain when we were young.

Think of your most memorable P2A? It was epic mud and wet weather.

And we always look forward to the rain (and snow) when the CX season starts. How else do we justify bringing 3 different wheelsets to every race with “Super Muds” being the “go to”.

Otherwise, it’s just a road ride.