Shimano to recall 760,000 Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranksets due to crash risk

Just read this: Shimano to recall 760,000 Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranksets due to crash risk

"The specific models affected are the 11-speed compatible Ultegra FC-6800, Dura-Ace FC-9000, Ultegra FC-R8000 and Dura-Ace FC-R9100 chainsets, as well as the FC-R9100P power meter variant.

It affects products manufactured prior to 2019 …"

More details in the story. And, after checking, it appears my Look has these cranks.

Company info here: 11-Speed Hollowtech II Crankset Recall Notice

Mine look fine, but I’ll probably see what local retailers are doing inspections in October just to be sure. Ideally, they’ll offer more details on what to look for …

Thanks! Mine are on the list.

I have several of these, so maybe that is why several of my bikes creak…

If you have power meters you might find one side is ok and the other not as well, something to check. It’s been a known issue for a while though, I remember seeing the 5 year old engineer Hambini put a video out on this last year.

How to do an inspection:


I just had my gravel bike crank checked today by King St Cycle. Approved LBS’ do an inspection protocol designed by Shimano (i.e. chain rings are removed, crank arms/chainrings are cleaned, and then a visual inspection is done with the condition being rated according to several possible categories). My crank was rated ‘concerning’ due to a visible ridge/slight separation on the crank arm, so that gets forwarded to Shimano which decides whether to replace the crank or not. As a bonus, my road bike also has one of the recalled cranks :man_shrugging:

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