Shift Cable High Jinx

Holy frijoiles !!!

I shredded my rear deraileur shift cable on last nights inaugural Middlebrook Road Ride. After holding 50-55kph down Middlebrooke, I was stuck in 53x11 for the rest of the ride.

So today, I disassembled the Shifter and pulled out that shredded cable.

Then I was scared to death of the routing angles on the S5 through the aero bars and down the inner tubes. What a Nightmare.

Then thought…how am I going to get this cable through the Downtube…past the bottom bracket and all the way to the end of the chain stay???

Then, Kevin Gibson suggested a magnet? So, I found this neodymium magnet from one of my kids science projects and it really stuck to the cable.

How. The. Heck. Did. This. Work !!!

But it did! So, I am up for Kevin’s Fly-by road ride tomorrow morning (Saturday) to Stratford. Hope to see you all out there.


The magnet was a cool idea.

Very odd the cable shredded like that.

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I had the cable shred like that on my CX bike. At the time, it sounded like that was a known wear pattern.

Seems to be a common problem. I have had at least 4 cables break at this spot. Everytime, I tell myself I will change the cable before it happens next…

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53 x 11 is the only gear you should ever need Alain @Francqlife :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s a Shimano thing because of the way the cable routes through the rear shifter. Regularly goes on my dura ace 9000. It can be a real project to get the stubby end out if you shift it too far in.


That explains why I have not seen this. Not trying to start a debate about this but I have not used Shimano in some time.

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Maintenance intervals… (at least for those of us who can’t even nearly push 53x11 :wink: )

Alain, does that bike have the removable cable guide on the bottom of the BB shell? Did you have to pull it to route the cable properly?

Not the first time a Shimano rear derailleur shifter cable has frayed. You can feel the cable failing and you keep lightly shifting hoping it will last until you get home and then bang…cable snaps…and you jam the cable end cap way up into the ratcheting mechanism. I had to disassemble the entire shifter to retrieve that end cap.

My previous bike was an R3 and was all external cabling. You could change an entire rear deraileaur cable in 30 seconds. This S5 is all internal cabling. Took 30 minutes of fishing and fiddling. No internal housing within the frame.

Yes, there is a removable cable guide in the BB shell. But, I kept trying different paths around the BB with that magnet (above, below, around) until I found a clear path.

An interesting thing I noticed was some “shavings” once I removed the cable guide from the end of the chain stay.

And when I pulled it out…

It was the cable lining.

Now it’s shifting like butter.

Should have snapped that cable earlier.


The obvious solution is Dura-Ace R9200. Rumours say it’s gonna be semi-wireless. Derailleurs will be connected together to the battery, with the shifters wirelessly talking to them.

15 mins into my recabling effort…I was seriously thinking that e-tap may be the best solution.

Can’t wait to build my war drone that will broadcast wireless signals to riders on climbs and shift them all into the hardest gears. How much do you think Sky Ineos would pay me to sabotage their competitors?

I can just imagine someone running along side riders up L’Alpe D’Huez posing as a fan with their phone while trying to jam wireless shifters at key attack points.

If tech companies can’t completely secure a wireless door lock, I’m sure there’s going to be vulnerabilities in cycling gear that is worth exploiting for someone out there.