New bit of carbon fibre

So not exactly cycling related, new set of carbon fibre crutches. Not sure they are much lighter or more aero than regular crutches but they are quieter at least. My mode of transport for the next 10 weeks :grinning:


Those are totally 2 km/h faster than the aluminum crutches I have…which I’ve used waaaay too many times over the years, but not for anything ever as severe as your injury.

Heal up!


Do they come with Di2?

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UCI legal? Take it easy Oliver.

Heal well my friend… and remember, no fairings allowed. :wink:

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Did they not have any titanium? I guess carbon will have to do.

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I think they are SRAM only but the shifting is wireless. However, I seem to be stuck in a really slow gear so something up there.

No UCI sticker so I’m guessing no racing at the highest level on these.

My new titanium parts are internally routed already so I figured I would change it up a bit.

And I believe the aero components on them are structural so not classed as fairings :slight_smile:

I’m supposed to be light touch weight bearing for 4 more weeks then I can gradually add weight back on. By 10 weeks I’m hoping I’m relatively back to normal. These forearm crutches seem better for lifting myself up with the broken ribs plus easier to use than standard crutches


Oh! Leave it to you to buy carbon fibre crutches! The next ‘Oliver’ step will be to buy a second and then third pair to find just the right fit! :slight_smile: Know there is lots of ride chatter, good will, and fingers crossed for a full recovery!

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